• NCC Alerts

    Parental Notification AB 405

    NCC LEGISLATIVE ACTION ALERT The information for this ALERT has been provided by Nevada Right to Life.  www.nevadarighttolife.org Please follow the action items below....  send the e-mails, make the calls and go to Carson City on May 6th.  Share your opinion online:    … [Read More...]

    Last Chance… Student Bathroom/Shower Privacy Bill

    NCC LEGISLATIVE ACTION ALERT AB 375 The Student Bathroom/Shower Privacy Bill AB 375 provides that restrooms, locker rooms and showers designated for use by one biological sex must only be used by members of that biological sex. Tuesday April 21st is the deadline for bills to be heard in … [Read More...]

    Victory on AB 375 & AB 405

    NCC LEGISLATIVE ALERT VICTORY AB 375 & AB 405 were voted on and passed out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee Friday evening. AB375 requires that any school facility in a public school, including a restroom, locker room or shower which is designated for use by persons of one biological … [Read More...]