NCC Nevada Caucus Guide


February 2016

Dear Friend:

There are three non-negotiables for socially conservative faith-based voters — life, marriage and religious liberty.  Don’t miss this opportunity to voice and vote these values.

I encourage you to look for strong family values in a candidate.  Candidates desiring your support should be people whose lives reflect a strong Judeo-Christian value system. They should recognize that the family unit is most able to foster those values.

I encourage you to identify a candidate that recognizes God as Creator and the source of our unalienable rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

I encourage you to evaluate a candidate’s understanding of the source of our nation’s laws, ethics and morals.  They must recognize that our laws, ethics and morals are clearly rooted in Judeo-Christian principles and that these principles are still tenable in our modern society and should continue as the basis for public policy.

Recent history has shown us that character does count.  The strength of our nation depends upon the honor and character of our leaders.  It is imperative that candidates meet these standards.

The next President of the United States will most likely nominate two to three Supreme Court Justices.  The impact of these choices on life, marriage and religious liberty will be enormous and the effects will continue for up to fifty years.

Your involvement is essential,

Richard Ziser, Chairman NCC