About NCC

Who are we REALLY?
Lucille Lusk, Former Co-Chairman

     You may know Nevada Concerned Citizens for our stand in support of Question 2, the protection of marriage initiative, or for our defense of the right to life of the unborn, the elderly and the disabled.

Or you might know us for the extensive battle we waged against the billion-dollar tax package in the 2003 legislature, and against the gross receipts tax and other job-killing taxes.

You may have heard us speak up to protect freedom of political and religious speech; or you may have heard us fight filth and obscenity.
You might have seen our battles against corruption in government.
You might know us as supporters of the right to bear arms, or to maintain private property, or to make our own business decisions.
But how do we decide what issues to champion? How do we select the candidates we recommend to you for your support? You have every right to know. Here’s what we look for:

We constantly strive to find the balance of enough law to allow people to live together in a civilized society, but not so much that government becomes the master of a downtrodden people.

     Don’t mistake the ends of this spectrum for left (“liberal”) and right (“conservative”) as the terms are commonly used today. Those terms hardly apply. Some “liberals” champion their definition of “free speech” – the right to be as vile and profane as they wish – yet use the power of government to silence those who disagree with them. Some who may be called “libertarians” or “liberals” or even “conservatives” work to repeal all moral law (moving toward anarchy), then demand more government to solve the corruption and societal problems they fostered by the destruction of moral and social order. Finally, anarchy is so disastrous that it brings about a cry for someone, anyone, to protect us – and totalitarianism is the end result. Both evil branches stem from the same dark root.

Seeking the balanced center is a challenging task. It requires careful consideration of each proposal, based on a correct understanding of the proper role of government. Here’s what we understand:

  • There is a Higher Power to whom we are accountable for all our decisions.
  • God has given us certain unalienable rights, including the rights to life, liberty, and property.
  • The proper role of government is to protect us in the exercise of these unalienable rights.
  • We have a duty to share the costs government incurs to protect these rights.
  • Government has no legitimate authority to forcibly take the earnings or property of one man to give to another.

This is who we are. If you agree, join us. Together we can accomplish much…

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