Guiding Principles

The government of a free people exists for the purpose of protecting the life, liberty and property of individuals from others who would wrongfully deprive them of it, whether individuals or organizations. Whenever a government body acts outside of this purview, that action should be viewed with skepticism, lest the government itself become the aggressor which wrongly deprives citizens of their inalienable rights.


Nevada Concerned Citizens (NCC) is a broad-based, non-partisan organization that is drawing together good people from all walks of life who will work and fight to regain and retain the “unalienable rights” given to us by God.

There can be no freedom in the absence of personal responsibility and basic values. Recognizing the family as the unit most able to foster these values, we support public policies at all levels which will strengthen the family, and oppose those that would undermine it.

NCC works to strengthen the family, foster free enterprise, support a strong national defense, reinforce the moral fiber of the community, and preserve freedom.

NCC researches issues, monitors proposals and actions of legislative bodies at all levels, and informs members of pending proposals in a timely fashion so they can contact their representatives and influence public policy. We report the actions of office-holders and the positions and plans of candidates to our members. This contributes to informed choices as citizens seek to select those who are honest, good and wise to represent them.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”¬†We must be eternally vigilant. Our voices must be united for protection of life, liberty and property, which is held inviolate by constitutional government when followed as intended by our founding fathers.