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Uncommon Overnighters: Weirdly Wonderful Silver State Stays

Calling All Lovers of Quirky and Weird

Sure, you could stay at a fabulous, amenity-packed casino resort, or maybe you want to build those reward points by lodging at your preferred chain hotel. But if you’re looking for a different kind of adventure that centers on where you rest your head, have we got the overnighters for you.

Welcome to accommodation options that are as uncommon as they are awesomely weird. Nevada weird, which means you won’t find it anywhere else. And after all, isn’t that one-of-a-kind experience just what you’re looking for?

Schellraiser Yurts & El Contenedor Container Home


Located in eastern Nevada’s spectacular Steptoe Valley is one of the newest Uncommon Overnighters: Schellraiser Yurts & El Contenedor Container Home.  

Just minutes from downtown Ely in historic McGill, the Schellraiser campground and yurts debuted as part of the first Schellraiser Music Festival. The accommodations proved as popular as the festival, so now they’re available year-round.

Choose your level of far-flung quirky stays: primitive campgrounds, fully furnished luxury yurts, or a super cool container home. Perfect for couples, families, and groups, the yurts are seriously awesome and chock full of comfort. They are also pet friendly and solar powered. Bathrooms and showers are just a short walk away. The container home has a kitchen and private bath, and is also solar powered. No matter where you stay, make sure you spend some time outside after dark — you’ll get an unbeatable view of the night sky in all its inky darkness.

Shady Lady Bed & Breakfast


This Uncommon Overnighter is for sure one of those only-in-Nevada experiences. In southern Nevada, the Shady Lady Brothel is now a pet-friendly, cozy B&B. Fun and funky are the two words most associated with the Shady Lady, whether it’s the swimming pool behind the Willow Tree Cabin, the heart-shaped tub in the Paradise Room, or the red-on-red silky décor of the Asian Room.

It might be the dozens and dozens of wild peacocks that wander the property or just the fact that until 2014, the property operated as a legal brothel. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a clean, comfy, and quirky place to stay in Beatty that will be a story you’ll talk about long after your visit, the Shady Lady is just the place.

Ruby the Red Caboose

Virginia City

There are so many things about Virginia City to get onboard with — Comstock history and Mark Twain’s influence to name just two. Make tracks for Ruby the Red Caboose to fully enjoy everything this town has to offer.

This 1950s caboose is perfect for train enthusiasts or anyone with a wickedly fun sense of adventure. Beautifully decorated with modern and historical touches, Ruby is an Uncommon Overnighter you won’t soon forget. There’s AC for summer visits and a fireplace for colder times, plus a kitchen and even Wi-Fi. You won’t find a TV, but with 100-mile views available from the private patio, why would you want one? Watch the V&T Railroad as it chugs by or scan the hills for wild horses, and you’ll see why there’s no place like Ruby the Red Caboose.

Hard Luck Castle & Mine


For those seeking a royal outing but without their own palatial retreat, look no further than Hard Luck Castle, near the living ghost town of Goldfield. The impressive four-story castle looms high in the desert landscape, inviting travelers to rest their heads in a fascinating accommodation.  

Located on more than 40 acres at the more-than-100-year-old Hard Luck gold mine, the round castle was built in the late 1990s. A 1920s pipe organ, wraparound sundeck, and a rooftop solarium are just a few of the dramatic features that set this property apart. With room for eight, Hard Luck Castle screams weekend group getaway in any season. Advanced notice can even get you a tour of the Hard Luck Mine. You don’t need good luck to take advantage of this epic memory in the making—just good sense.

Paradise Ranch Castle Bed & Breakfast


Our second royal Uncommon Overnighter is Paradise Ranch Castle B&B, near Austin.

A giant, castle-like bed and breakfast in central Nevada may seem like a fairytale, and it was in fact the dream of a couple deeply in love. The hero of our story promised his bride a castle, and the rest is the stuff of Uncommon Overnighter legends.

Two rooms await your noble visit: the quaint Blue Room or the regal, lavender-hued master suite. If staying in the suite, be prepared: the bathroom is the size of some studio apartments. Eclectic décor runs the gambit from suits of armor to baseball memorabilia. Like any good castle, there is a dungeon. This one, however, begs to be enjoyed with a saloon-style bar, billiards, poker tables, and a player piano. Round out the evening with a cocktail on the porch and watch the sunset while awaiting some truly spectacular stargazing.

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