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Things To Do

From pull-the-car-over sunsets to our wild, wooly past, Nevada speaks.

If you took a family photo of all 50 states, we would be the one sticking our tongue out—it’s just who we are. If you’re looking for something to do that’s irresistibly different, or if you were that cheeky kid yourself, welcome home. Welcome to Nevada—we’re going to get along great. And when you find yourself shout-asking Siri, “What are some things to do near me?” you might not even have time to get through her list—and not just on the Strip.

Recreate Responsibly

In love with the Silver State as much as we are? Learn what you can do to help us keep the places we cherish special—and open—for us and future generations.

Outdoor Recreation

More than 80% of Nevada is public land, the highest percentage of any state. So, when it comes to Nevada, this land literally is your land. We’re a state of radically diverse terrain—from striking desertscapes to forested mountain slopes. So, whether you’re in the mood for hiking, camping, or hot springing beneath the stars, Nevada’s boundless wilderness gateways beckon. In other words, we’ve got you covered. Hiking & Backpacking Fishing Rock Climbing

Get Outside

Nevada’s Greatest Hits

We don’t mean to boast, but…

Compared to the rest of the states—even its neighbors—Nevada’s always stood out from the pack. And not just because of our boulevards shimmering with miles of neon or our renegade, do-what-you-want spirit. There’s a reason we’re the Road Trip Capital of the USA and the ideal home of the world’s largest temporary city at the same time. Craving something different? Find out what we really mean when we call this place the Silver State.

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Oldest Trees Beneath the Darkest Skies

The world’s oldest trees, 5,000-year-old ancient bristlecone pines, were growing in Nevada before the Great Wall or the Coliseum were even ideas. And one of the planet’s greatest clusters of these gnarled, ancient beauties still thrives at Great Basin National Park, where you can share their stellar solitude under some of the darkest—and therefore brightest—skies in the country.

More Ghost Towns Than “Living” Towns

With around 100 locales with zip codes to its 600+ ghost towns, Nevada has more historic mining camps and bygone boomtowns than actual populated cities and towns. If that’s not reason enough to grab your atlas, drop a gear and disappear, we’re not sure what is.

Most Mountainous State in the Lower 48

Nevada is more than stunning desertscapes, and definitely far from flat. More than 300 individual mountain ranges rise across the state, earning Nevada bragging rights as the most mountainous state in the contiguous United States. Of those ranges, 42 named summits climb to 11,000+ feet, and eight of the nation’s 128 ultra-prominent peaks in the country scrape those skies right here in Nevada.